Monday, April 27, 2009

Dog Bath Craziness

If you remember, the first time we tried to give Snickers a bath it didn't turn out so well. We took him to PetCo and got a call saying he was too aggressive. Hmm. So I was a bit nervous about giving him a bath. But they were SO dirty that they needed their Spring time cleaning. We took both dogs to the Monster Wash on Diamond which also has a do it yourself dog wash. Frito actually did pretty well. He didn't try to jump off the table like he normally does and now his white fur is white again and you don't have to wash your hands after you pet him.

Snickers was another story. While he didn't try to bite us (my main fear) he did try to jump off of the dog bath table. Because they are hooked to the table, it would end very badly for them to jump off. I had to keep comforting him and making sure he didn't jump off. Luckily, Snickers has shorter hair and he is able to finish his bath quickly.

Now the dogs are clean (without too much of an incident) and they should hopefully stay that way until the end of the summer.

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