Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When it comes I want to yell, MAIL!!!!

33 weeks pregnant today... Baby and I are still doing well.

Last night we bought a changing table off of craigslist, which I am super excited about! (Pics of it later, I have lots of other stuff to show you) It is more like a dresser, which is exactly what I wanted because I wanted it to be useful for a long period of time. I'm not one for things that only have one use, or are only useful for 6 months. I don't want to spend $100 on something I'm going to use for a short period of time and then have to get rid of.  Which is why when we picked out a car seat, we got one that will last the child's whole life. I knew that I would never carry around the infant carrier one... it weighs a ton! (I'm lazy too, plus, I don't think I could get it in and out of the car by myself, and that has been one of the things that I am pretty set on... being able to do things by myself since W will still be working.) So, I knew I didn't want to get one like that. Plus, a kid grows out of it pretty quickly and then you still need another car seat. And the price difference between one that lasts 6 months and one that lasts until they don't need one anymore is maybe $50. And when you are talking about having to buy TWO car seats that are $150ish or one that is $200, it seems like the second option is a better deal.... BUT, I digress.  Anyway, I'm super excited about the new changing table. It even already has stuff in it!!

Which leads me to my next topic: I had a SUPER mail day yesterday!!! The mailman had put two packages on my porch, which I promptly ripped into... one was half of the cloth diapers I had ordered, and the other was a gift from a Ravelry friend! How exciting!!! Then, when W came home and checked the mail, I had TWO more smaller packages in the mailbox!! WHAT!?? Amazing. One of those was the other half of the cloth diapers I ordered, and ANOTHER present from a Ravelry buddy! What a great day! I felt super lucky.... so here are the pictures of what came in the mail!

First up, the cloth diapers. How cute are these?!? I'm totally excited about them. I do have more, but they are just flat diapers, and not as fun to take pictures of. These are the cutest ones. I bought a sampling of different types of diapers and covers to figure out what works best for us before I shell out a bunch of $$ for a ton of them. One of our friends was over last night and I was showing him how awesome they were. I asked him, "doesn't this look more comfy than paper?" And his response was, "Heck yeah, I'd rather wear those than my boxers!" hahahaha. So, there you have it, they are amazing....

This was one of my presents. I fell in love with this roving, but I couldn't click through fast enough to buy it during the Bohoknitterchic birthday party last week, so I was a bit bummed. So imagine my surprise when it made it to my doorstep anyway!! Complete with a baby catapult! :) (She was giving out goodies with purchases made during the birthday party) A friend on Ravelry decided to have it sent to me even though she bought it because I had posted about how much I loved it... isn't that sweet! I am planning on spinning it and knitting it into some fall type jacket for Baby for next fall... the colors are just amazing.

And, here is the other present I received! Three hand knit soakers for Baby! Weston is totally in love with the pants, which are pretty amazing. I was so excited to get these! I love that Baby has so many hand knit and hand made items already... such a lucky little one to be loved by so many talented people! 

In other news (besides the awesomeness that came in the mail), I finished the first sleeve of the Baby Christ-ma-kah (our Christmas/Hanukkah celebration) sweater.  It is pretty amazing. I knit it in three days, so it went pretty quickly considering it is colorwork on size 1 needles. I'm looking forward to getting more of it done, but I need to focus on the baby blanket today... I'm half way through that... I also need to sew the binding on one little baby quilt for the little one. It can't wait too long or it will be too small to be useful... it is just a little quilt for the car and things like that.  I also need to sew on the buttons for Baby's coming home outfit... that is pretty urgent too! 

Alright, off to get busy... well, not really, because I'm still taking it easy and staying off of my feet. I spend most of the day in bed listening to podcasts and knitting... but, I need to get to doing that! :) 


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

SOOO cute!!

Miss Julep said...

Wow, what a fun day for you! I love reading about all of your baby preparations and such. Super nice gifts!!