Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It's a holiday weekend. Which means it is raining. :) Luckily, I spent a lot of time outside this past week while it was still sunny... my sandal tan will be sticking around for quite some time. I'm spending my weekend watching The Office and knitting. I just couldn't lie in bed anymore. My hips hurt. All of the weight I have put on (about 20 lbs so far) has been in my stomach area, which is awesome... BUT it means that there is no extra padding on my backside or hips to help cushion the extra weight. So, I'm sitting like I'm allowed to, and knitting, and enjoying some great comedy.

I'm test knitting a blanket, and I'm half way done. SO, I'm rewarding myself by casting on my colorwork baby sweater as soon as I finish this post. Why am I not just continuing on with the blanket? Oh, because I have to wind yarn for it, and I have delegated this job to W while I am supposed to be resting... and he isn't home... and the baby sweater yarn is wound... and well, I feel like it. :)

OH! The one other thing I wanted to let you know was that Spilly Jane is having a labor day sale on her patterns. I love her mittens, and she has some wonderful cabled socks. The details can be found here on her blog. I will be buying a few patterns to work up for gifts. Just have to decide which ones I really want. If you have a favorite, let me know... and if you've knit any of them, please share!!

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Anonymous said...

I am in mad, mad love with her Hedgehog mittens and will be making them for personal wear this winter! As I "must" make a KP's order soon to finish a pair of socks (darn men for having such huge feet anyway), I may as well throw in a few balls of Palette as well! I'm also quite taken with the Mittens with Pints but it is the hedgies that have captured my heart :)