Monday, September 27, 2010

Termination Dust

It is here... termination dust... the first sign that winter is coming! Now, for a lot of people who live here, this is a sad time... but for me, I would have been dancing in the streets if I was not in a car when I noticed it!! I LOVE winter. Love it. (As long as it is a good winter, snow is soooo much better than ice or just freezing cold... but, either way, winter is amazing) It is my favorite season. And I'm sure I've mentioned that just a few times here, but in case you forgot, here is why: I love layers, I look so much better in three or four different shirts and then a scarf than I do in just a tshirt. I love snow, it makes it so sparkly and beautiful outside. My dogs love the winter... they are just so furry that this may be the only season where they are comfortable. I knit mostly with wool, so winter is just the best season for all of my handknits! I love to see my dad pull out his winter hat and wear it around... Basically, I think winter is amazing.

One thing I am happy about though, is that I am not working right now. I guarentee that a lot of people are going to spend the week lamenting the snow and complaining about the weather constantly. "We didn't even get a summer" (Which, May was amazing, and really, we have been spoiled... and we had/are having an AMAZING fall...) "I'm not ready for winter" "I hate snow" "I hate winter" "blah blah blah". Again, I know I have mentioned this before, but I don't really believe in complaining too much about the weather (or complaining in general... sometimes I will voice my frusterations to W and we will come up with a plan of action or I will just move on...) so I am very glad that I will not be around all the winter nay-sayers.

So, no matter how you feel about winter, it is almost here. After all, Friday is OCTOBER 1st! Crazy. Bundle up. Knit. Drink tea. Be happy.

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