Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Picture Mania!

This weekend I had "Baby Shower Weekend!" My friend threw me a shower here at my house and then a gal from work threw me a shower at her house. It was pretty awesome. I loved being able to see everyone (it is amazing how not being able to leave the house really puts a damper on seeing people) and everyone brought Baby such amazing things. And in case I haven't shared this, you can find a lot of the pictures I post here (and a lot that I don't) on my flickr page. Here are lots of pictures... be prepared....
From left to right, handmade burp rags from Whitney, a variety of toys from Karla,  bottles and music player from Carol

The music player is very cute! I love all the animals on it... and the wrist rattles, I think those will be amusing for me! :) And, who doesn't love handmade things (well, I'm sure there are some people, but I am not one of them... that is Baby's theme... handmade!)

Our shower "game" was to decorate clothes for the little one! This was the result... I love them all!

From left to right: duck set from Dee and Jessica (they also bought me a Boppy pillow which I forgot to take a picture of), onesizes from Allie (she is obsessed with being an Aunt.. can you tell!?), striped sweater and moose bib from Marlene, and farm animal clothes from Leah.. the caption on the cow is "udderly adorable" hahahhhaa.

Clothes and books from the shower on Sunday. Books and green chicken sleeper are from Brandy. The other two sleepers and the quilt that everything is laid on are from Kelsey.

A handknit Baby Surprise Jacket from Toni! It is knit from baby bamboo and is super snuggly.

Handknit bibs from Kelly. By baby will sure be stylish!

Farmhouse toy from Brandy. Have to make sure the dogs don't get a hold of those animals! They are so cute. 

Diaper bag made by Lynda. I picked out the fabric, but it turned out even more amazing than I imagined!

Quilt, booties, fish toy all handmade by Kelsey.  She also got me the alligator crocs and the socks. Those were cracking me up! The monkey blankies were made by my mom, she made me a quilt to match, but she took it back home to finish it. The bird fabric peeking out of the bottom right corner is a baby sling Becky made me! I will be so stylish with my matching bag and sling. :) 

Close up of the knitted booties.

Close up of the fish toy!

And last, but not least, the Zany Zoo toy I received in the mail yesterday from a Rav friend, April! I was playing with this toy constantly while taking pictures. I hope Baby is as entertained by it as I am.

Whew! If you made it this far... congrats! I think that is all. :) My baby is so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who care for it so much already! And I am super lucky to have such amazing friends and family. I'm hoping this weekend that W and I will be able to figure out where we are going to put all the furniture (well, the changing table and the bassinet... that is really all we have) and I can wash all the clothes and get everything put away. The house is kind of in a state of disarray and it is driving me crazy.  Also, only 2 weeks and 1 day until I am allowed to be off of "bed rest"! That means I will be allowed to WALK around as much as I want (so I will be heading to Target to spend our gift cards!) which will be pretty amazing. Not that I'm anxious about it or anything.... 

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