Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Return of Thursday

Not that it was missing... but in the summer Thursday's are a bit different than in the fall for us. Thursdays in the fall/winter involve a bunch of friends coming to the house, watching Thursday night comedy (Office, 30 Rock, Community, Parks and Rec) on NBC, and enjoying dinner (typically made by me!). It is awesome. I look forward to it every week. Last week was the return of comedy, but we had breast feeding class (which W actually could not stop talking about... he is so impressed with breasts now... as he has told many people "They do so much... they are more than just good to look at!") and had to miss out. So, tonight is the official return of Thursday night. I'm making pizza. I'm excited.

Another thing that is pretty exciting is the fact that my first squirrel mitten is almost done! In fact, there is a pretty good chance it might get off the needles tonight (minus the thumb... I might have to change the chart for that, so it will require some thinking and alone time) which is awesome! I am loving them. It is amazing how once I decided to actually sit down and knit them instead of just think about them how quickly it went.  I've literally knit 85% of this mitten in the past two days. Here is the problem though... I'm not sure I want to just jump in and knit the second one. Sure, a pair would be super nice.... buuuuuut I also have some other mittens I would like to knit. Is it crazy to knit a first mitten of another pair before knitting the second mitten of this pair?? Oh, and I decided I was going to line my squirrel mittens, so really, when this is off the needles it is still only half done. (The lining should go way faster since there is no colorwork....) I don't have yarn to line them with (seriously, not even just joking around... it is laceweight and I don't buy laceweight yarn...) so I will be making a trip to the store tomorrow for that. I would love pink, but doubt I will find that. We'll see what I come up with.

Also, random side note on the mitten topic. I will wear one mitten out in public when it is done. I have no shame. I will show it off to everyone. And then when I have the first mitten of the other pair done, there is a good chance I will just wear the two mismatched ones as a pair. Whatever. I'm not trying to win a fashion contest, just keep warm....

Oh, and I'm still pregnant. :P 36 weeks and 1 day to be exact (I know you were keeping track...). I will take pictures of myself and of my mitten tonight perhaps. W is now predicting that the baby will be 2 days late (being born on Oct 29th) and a boy. I don't know anymore, so I'm not playing any predicting games. He also told me the other morning that he is really excited to meet the baby. He is so sweet. I never really thought about that... I guess I am too. (I'm actually really excited to not have heartburn and to have my body back, but meeting the baby will be a sweet bonus as well)

Alright, enough rambling about babies and mittens. (Speaking of, the baby has no mittens... does it need mittens?? oh my....) I am off to make pizza dough and enjoy my evening.


leah said...

Make the mittens, they're quick and could be done out of the leftovers from your squirrel mittens so you guys can match! But, don't be surprised if thy don't stay on real well... ... baby's are wiggly :)

Miss Julep said...

Susan Anderson has an adorable pair of baby mittens on her Spud & Chloe blog. They WERE on my short list to knit for your shower, (that was until I got some last minute assignments and had to kick it into high gear).