Tuesday, June 15, 2010

20 weeks down, 20 to go

I'm actually at 21 weeks now, to be super specific, but these pics were taken last week. I was doing so well at posting, but now with working both my jobs I'm not really home that much... so that will probably slow down to once a week again. So here are some pictures that show I actually am growing a baby.

Still no pictures of the yarn for the baby sleep sack. I am on the third color, which means I'm getting close to being done with the front... which I think will make it go a lot quicker since then I will only have half of the stitches to knit. Who knows though, I feel like the thing is taking years... I am going to be casting on for my test knit hat tomorrow and should have it done by the end of the week. I was so excited to knit something that wasn't that sleep sack that even the swatch was fun.... I am also going to start knitting myself a pair of French Press Slippers. That shouldn't take long. And because I'm teaching sock class, I might even cast on a sock... who knows. :) 

Other than that, things are pretty quiet here at the house. W is busy building (or at least thinking about building) his shed in the back yard. He has dug the ground out and now just has to figure out all the things he needs to buy and head to the store. I'll be excited to have all the stuff back in a shed instead of strung around the yard... We went to Seward this past Saturday and that was a lot of fun. I love it there. I want to move there so badly. I just feel like I need to live in a small town. I also bought all the stuff to make my own Italian sodas the other day at the store, which has been the highlight of my week so far! They are so yummy.... in fact, I'm going to go have one now with lunch and then get some sewing done... maybe I will have something to show by the end of the day!

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