Thursday, September 3, 2009

Memories of Summer

I went to school today... you know, the school I used to work at in my other life. I brought lunch to the team of teachers I used to work with. I missed hanging out with them and wanted to stop by. The math teacher kindly opened the door for me so I didn't have to sign it at the office. Unfourntanely, that didn't stop everyone from finding out I was there. In the middle of lunch, the Admin Assistant came down to let me know that the Assistant Principal wanted to see me before I left. Great. Then not 5 minutes later, the AP showed up. I guess I wasn't quick enough. She wanted to see if I would be interested in my old job... but at sub pay. Hmm.... let me think about it. No. Luckily, I have another job, so it was an easy out.
I'm really sorry, but I work at the quilt shop a lot now. Plus, I teach knitting at night, so I just don't feel I will have the time to be teaching again.

Whew! Even though I missed seeing my teacher buddies, I didn't miss it enough to start getting up early every day and seeing students again. I love what I do now. Plus, if you ask anyone, I am much more fun to be around.

A few other quick things. The science teacher I worked with told me he went and read my blog (which cracked me up... I still find it amusing people read my blog...) but couldn't find a way to get in contact with me. I just changed my profile so you can e-mail me from there. If you click on "profile" there will be some fun info about me (and a funny picture of Snickers) along with an "e-mail me" link. Also, I am getting ready to go see Lion King!!! I'm very excited. This is our anniversary present to ourselves this year. I bet it is going to be wonderful, but I will give you a play by play later.

PS My sewing room is still clean!

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