Thursday, January 29, 2009


I love Alaska. I don't have to deal with "hurricane season" or "tornado season" or any of those other crazy weather seasons. Sure it's a bit cold and we have some snow, but I would much rather deal with that than a hurricane. One thing that we do have to deal with from time to time is a volcano eruption. If you don't live in the "Ring of Fire" you probably don't even know what you would do. Actually it is quite simple, you check the Alaska Volcano Observatory website about a million times a day and if the volcano DOES erupt, you watch the weather and see where the ash is going to go. HOPEFULLY it doesn't go towards you. If it does, you close the air vents to your house, and stay inside as much as you can. (See the AVO website for some better tips...I'm not an expert, I just play one while at school) If you have to go outside, you wear long sleeves and a mask because ash from a volcano is really super tiny glass particles and you probably don't want glass in your lungs. It is all pretty exciting.

So even though we do have natural disasters, I'm almost grateful that they aren't as predictable as hurricanes. I sure wouldn't want to live anywhere that had "earthquake or volcano season". I'll take snow over that any day.

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you. The in-laws came over the other night and Craig informed me that my curtains "looked really weird because one is a different color". Damn. And I thought I was an interior designer in the making.

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