Friday, January 9, 2009

Quilt Fabric via mail

I love shopping online. I can't think of many things that are more exciting than getting a package. (Not really true, but something that would happen on any NORMAL day....) So when I had to order my fabric for my charm square quilt that I messed up, I was a bit excited. So excited I ordered some dinosaur charm squares and the ones I wanted for a Valentine's Day quilt I have planned....for Feb 2012. :) So ANYWAY....I ordered it from this place online I had never heard of called The Quilted Castle. It was awesome. They had everything I needed (and then some!). The search engine worked great. And the shipping is $5 (I think...) to ANYWHERE. Even Alaska! AH! I was SO excited when I realized that even after putting in my address the shipping price didn't go up. And it was pretty fast....about a week. It comes from OR, so not that far away. Amazing. I would definitely check it out if you have some extra cash to burn. The only gripe I had is that there weren't enough pictures. I ordered the charm packs based on the fact that I liked to fabric on top...the other ones turned out to be great too, but it would be nice to see more pictures of the different fabrics. Some of them had other pics...not all though. One small thing in the overall wonderful picture. And it came packaged with my invoice and a nice handwritten "Thank You". I like when I can tell my things have been packed by an actual human and not a machine.

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