Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moose's Tooth Debacle

Weston is going back to school to get his Masters degree in Project Management. Which leaves me at home one night a week all on that. So when Weston called me to see if I wanted to "grab a beer" at Moose's Tooth before he went to class (which is at the UC. A hop, skip, and jump away) I was elated. Of course! Never mind that I don't drink beer, I was too happy to meet my husband.

Anyone who has been to Moose's Tooth (and if you haven't, it might be worth the trip to AK) knows that it is always CRAZY busy. So when I got there and it was the emptiest I had ever seen it I was even more excited. I got a great parking spot (important because my footwear was incredibly inappropriate for the snowy wasn't snowing when I left my house and I never listen to the weather) I was going to be seated right away, we might even be able to grab some cheese sticks. YES! So when Weston gets there and we get seated I was rather surprised that we didn't get service right away. In fact, probably 6 different servers walked by us at least once and not a word was said to us. Weird. I ordered everything at once since Weston had a few precious moments (cheese sticks, root beer, and a salad). My salad was delivered almost immediately. When the young lady who brought by salad asked if I would like fresh pepper I replied, "no, thank you." Apparently that meant, "Please start putting pepper on my salad." I immediately said "thank you" again to stop this pepper madness. To wrap up this incredibly boring story, even though it was not busy, I think I was more annoyed to be there than I normally am. While Moose's Tooth is delicious, I don't like crowds, so don't frequent it. Moving on.

Why do people log on to the channel two new polls just to say they are unsure? What a waste of time. I would really like to speak with someone who does that. It seems like a lot of effort to log onto a website just to say you aren't sure about something.
I really hope that Mt. Redout doesn't go off. If the ash makes it to Anchorage, schools will probably close. While I love not working (really, really love not working) I DO NOT want to make up another weather day.
My dogs are super spoiled. I woke up to find Frito on the couch with his head resting on a pillow. This is not an uncommon site. It cracks me up that my dogs use pillows.

I finished my curtains. They are ok. I'm not in love with them, but for $30, they will do. Pictures coming soon.

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