Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alaska Zoo

The school district has a program called "Charitable Giving" where it encourages its employees to to give to local charities. It makes it really easy to do, by taking it right out of your paycheck. I decided to participate and now donate part of my check to the Alaska Zoo.

I have always loved zoos, and while ours isn't the best, it is full of wonderful Alaskan animals that need a home. I have recently discovered that the zoo hosts TONS of fun events, especially if you have a family. For example, they have a special Valentine's Day at the zoo event where kids can make valentines for their favorite animals and then (if you are 14+) you can go on a birds and bees tour of the zoo and learn all about animal lovin'. I already made Weston promise that we could go. This is the first time in a while that I have been SUPER excited for Valentine's Day. Then on April 4th (I think) they have an Easter Egg hunt! How fun! I'm pretty sure I need a kid, just to have an excuse to go to the zoo all the time.

So check out all the fun happenings at their website.


leah said...

The Valentine's Day thing is hilarious! Great idea, really!

Lisa said...

Oh man if my kids were still interested in the zoo, I'd let you borrow them! But, they are "so over it." HAHAHA!