Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reading, and other things I fail to do

I have a degree in English Rhetoric. I love to read. I teach reading. But despite all of these things, I still fail to read directions. This often results in frustration and sloppy work. I don't know what it is about directions that allude me. I read them and then I go and do what I think I should do. Only to find out that there was a reason that the directions were written the way they were. THAT is what you are supposed to do. Here are two prime examples from just this week:

Charm Quilt: I am working on my fall charm quilt. It should have been a SUPER easy quilt to put together. A few things became problems. One, I didn't really understand how to cut charm squares. That was no fault of the directions. But then I didn't sew the blocks together right. This resulted in me having to take half of them out and re-sew them. Annoying.

Rhino Sweater: I am working on this kids sweater and I almost have the back completely done. I kept thinking that it looked big, but how am I supposed to know how big a two year old is? So then I had a friend over and she was laughing at how big my sweater was. Turns out I was knitting the FOUR year old size. Hmm....not sure that a kid in kindergarden is going to want to wear a sweater with a rhino on the front. Great. My failure to read has foiled me again.


leah said...

But any kid who gets that sweater (especially one of your kids) is going to be so stoked that everyone he meets is going to then want a rhino sweater because that's what the coolest, funnest kid is wearing!

Are you going to post pictures of the quilt or the sweater?

Lisa said...

Just make one for every year of his life, and tell him his school pictures need to be the same!