Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sticks and String
Today's blog post in the knit and crochet blog week is all about pictures... I'm terrible at taking pictures of my knits.  I try to take pictures, but the only thing I am great at taking pictures of is my kiddo.  He just can't take a bad picture! I feel like I can spend 10 mins taking pictures of my knits and still not get a great one... I think I just need more practice, and often better lighting, but I get easily frustrated and turn the camera back to my adorable baby. So, I did not take a new picture for today's blog challenge, but rather dug up some pictures that I love. They are all of the same knitting project (a color work sweater that I knit for Sawyer, mostly while on bed rest) that I am just in love with.  My awesome friend, Kelsey, did the finishing work for me because she is amazing and I was about to throw the thing away. She steeked the sweater, set in the sleeves, and knit the collar. This piece is truly an act of love and collaboration and I get so excited every time I put it on Sawyer.

I did have to finish some knitting after Sawyer was born, and he was nice enough to help. 

Sawyer looking at a moose eating his pumpkin.  He asked to wear this sweater that morning.

He hadn't seen too many moose up close until that day. I think he was fascinated. 

And, a picture of some handspun that I love... I received a light box for Christmas from my brother and this was a shot from my first time playing with it. 

I will continue practicing taking pictures of my knits... and since I mostly knit for Sawyer, it should be pretty easy for my shots to get better! :)


Kelsey said...

I love that sweater. And your yarn looks so yummy!!

Whitney Harness said...

That sweater is so cute! Homemade clothing is so special :)