Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Week

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I had a wonderful week! Monday Weston and I went out to dinner and then went mini-golfing (at a cool new 3D neon place in town. It was a bit crazy!) which was a lot of fun.  On my actual birthday, Sawyer and I made cupcakes, and that night I taught knitting. Sawyer also got me a nice present... he bought me the movie Bridesmaids and a bunch of my favorite candies so that I could enjoy a movie night. He's so sweet. :) Then on Saturday, I went to an all-day weaving course courtesy of my parents. It was so fun!! I left with a finished scarf (pictures soon) that I love and a lot of knowledge so that I am able to use the loom I bought myself last year for my birthday! I am excited to get to weaving now that I know some more about all the ins and outs. 

Oh, and in case you don't keep track of the weather where I live, we have broken the record for snowfall and it is officially the SNOWIEST WINTER IN ANCHORAGE!! WOOP!!! So exciting. It has been such a wonderful winter.... but, I am ready for summer to be here! The sunlight is getting longer (it is still light at 8:30-9pm) and the days have been warmer... now I hope it doesn't flood because of all the snow!

Right Around, Baby
I enjoyed the weaving class so much that I decided to take a spinning class from the same lady. It is a beginning spinning course, and while I am not a beginning spinner, I knew that I would learn a lot of the technical aspects of spinning that I didn't know about, based on how she taught the weaving class. (If you are local, I'm taking these classes at Far North Fibers.  I highly recommend it, as Pamela is incredibly pleasant and knowledgeable) I had such a great time at class last week! There are three German women in the class and they have no experience spinning... it is fun to watch people learn, but it is a bit of a learning curve, and I could tell by the end of class they were ready to go! I think they will be surprised how quickly they get the hang of it though... I already learned quite a few things in the first class, and Pamela and I chatted after class about what I was wanting to learn and how she would run a bit of a separate class for me in the coming weeks. Her and I have a lot of the same feelings on fiber-y things and it was a lot of fun to chat with her! I'm really looking forward to class on Thursday!

Check out Sawyer's blog for updates on how his Easter weekend went! Other than that, his last molar (well, last of these four we have been dealing with for like a month) is almost through. It keeps popping through and then the gum covers up one side again over and over. :( Poor guy. I think we have almost beat it.... just in time for his K-9s to start bothering him. I hate teeth. 

He got two different mini-Nerf guns in his Easter baskets (one from me, one from Grandma Henderson) that he was LOVING today. One he is able to pump and shoot on his own, the other is one I have to shoot for him... he just loves shooting them at the window and then chasing down the darts. I'm pretty sure that is what we did most of the day! The dogs hate the guns (even though we have never shot them, and they aren't loud) and are going nuts... They also hate the mylar balloon I got for Sawyer (a giant bunny). I thought it would be fun for Sawyer to punch it and play with it (under supervision, I realize balloons are a big choking hazard, I watch my child!) but once he saw the dogs were scared of it, he decided he was too! Goofball. So that was $11 (yes, $11 for a stupid ballon. I only did it because I thought he would love it) that was wasted... oh well!

Sticks and String
I finished my headband for my class sample and have started knitting a super secret project (no details, as it is a test knit for a soon-to-be-published book).  I think the headband is pretty nice, I just have to write up the pattern now! 

On my Soapbox
Last week was the local election here in Anchorage. I won't go into my feelings on how things turned out (well, yes  I will, I was disappointed in my town, as usual. I do not understand the people that live in this city and the results made me want to pack my bags and move to the woods. I actually agreed to move to Talkeetna, where a CAT is the mayor. Yes, a cat seemed like a better option than what happened in my city....) but there was quite a hoopla over the voting process. More than half of the polling places ran out of ballots. The city is claiming there were enough ballots, they were just "poorly distributed" around town. Which seems odd, since in the TEN YEARS I've been voting, this has never happened. And turn out wasn't any higher than normal, in fact it was on the average to low end (again, disappointing Anchorage, you have the right to vote and you choose not to!? WHY!?). People were waiting in line for 2+ hours to get a ballot, were voting on photocopied ballots (no word on if those will be valid) etc. It was just a giant s&^* show! Honestly, I think they should re-do the election. I do not expect the results to be any different, and honestly, at this point I don't care. What I do care about is everyone getting their chance to vote. I know that if I had been asked to wait for two hours, there would have been no way for me to do that. I had Sawyer, and he is not going to stand in line for two hours! I probably would have figured something out (because I haven't missed an election since I was able to vote, minus the one when I didn't live in the state) but it would have been a hardship. I can't believe there isn't more of an uproar about this! The whole thing is a mess, and I have a feeling it wasn't exactly an accident....

And, a random picture of me at the Easter egg hunt we went to on Saturday.... only because I never seem to post pictures of myself and Weston for once took one where I didn't look terrible. :)

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