Monday, April 23, 2012


Sticks and String
I have two projects on the needles at the moment (well, there are a few more hibernating... two that are in rotation of actually being knit on at the moment) but apparently I have forgotten how to knit. I have made big mistakes in them and have had to put them both down for a while. My blanket had a mistake in it and I had to rip back 8 rows of knitting, which was very sad... then when I tried to re-knit, I made another mistake on the first round and wound up having to tink that back. After that I put it down and took a break. Moved on to my other project.... it is a test knit and I was confused by the directions, so I had to send an email and put it away too. All this made me really bummed last night. I had a bit of a rough weekend, as Weston was busy or gone for most of it, and Sawyer has been an uber-crab-cake, so I really wanted to knit. And I felt like I had forgotten how. Or like the knitting universe was against me. Either way, it sucked. Hopefully I can figure things out today. It is sunny out and it should be a nice day.

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