Friday, November 18, 2011

Organize my life

Maybe I should hire someone to do it for me.... If anyone watches Parks and Rec, my house isn't as bad as Leslie Knopes, but my craft "area" is... I do need professional help.

Weston and I have decided to do a full overhaul of the entire house. We have too much stuff, we don't know where it all is, and it drives us both nuts. (Him more than me, but when I lose stuff, I lose my mind very quickly and hate that I let the house get so crazy) We started last Sunday with the TV cabinet and Sawyer's toy box. Took about 30 mins, but that corner looks way better! I went through Sawyer's toys and put them into three categories: things he plays with every day, things he has never played with, and things he kind of plays with. The ones he plays with every day stayed in the living room toy box. The toys he has never played with made it into a donation bag (which made them very appealing to him) and the ones he kind of plays with got put away into his room.  Some of those toys he just isn't quite ready to play with yet. I also rotated his books so he had some new ones to read out in the living room. My goal is to rotate all the books and toys twice a month so that he has new things to explore. And, he has enough toys that I think I can do this without buying anything. (Especially with Christmas coming, which means even more toys)

The cleaning was derailed by me being sick, but hopefully this weekend we will get back to it. (And, yes, I am feeling much better. Tuesday Weston took a half day off and my mom came and helped in the afternoon, so I was able to sleep/rest all day. That did the trick) I'm thinking of putting everything in my craft space that doesn't have a home into a pile and if I can't find a good place for it, it has to go. I'm just so overwhelmed at the amount of things and projects and lack of space. I never feel like doing anything because I walk in there and just feel exhausted. So, I would like my area to be a place where I can get things done.

And, yes, most people clean in the spring.... but, I find I am constantly cleaning. I have bad habits that I have yet to break.... plus, when it is -3 outside, I want to bundle up, stay inside, and be productive. So there it is. My goal. A clean house. Go.

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Miss Julep said...

I hear ya'. The only time I truly clean my house is when I am trying to sell it, haha. Good luck with the cleaning!