Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As you know if you read my blog often, Sawyer wears cloth diapers. He has a stash mostly made up of Rumparooz and a few Bum Genius diapers. I love them.  I know the people will look at the cost of one diaper ($23.50) and gasp. How could I spend so much on diapers. Well, I don't. First off, cloth diapers are an investment. Sure, I had to drop around $400 to get all of my diapers, but since then I have spent $0 on diapers. And, if I care for my diapers properly, they will easily last through multiple children. They also have re-sale value. (I bought some of Sawyer's diapers used to save $)

When we were at Costco, I was doing some math and realized that depending on how many diapers you went through, you would spend about $400 on diapers in one year! And, I don't know many 1-year-olds that are potty trained. Which means, I am saving money.

People will also claim that I'm not really saving money because I have to do more laundry, making my water and electric bill go up. Well, in Anchorage, I pay the same for my water no matter how much I use, and I have a HE machine, so it costs very little to run.  We have not seen any change in our bills due to washing diapers. Even if I did pay more for that, I wouldn't care. For me, it is still a better choice. Sawyer looks so cute in his CD bum. And, he has some extra padding when he falls! Plus, like I mentioned before, they are an investment.

I was reminded of another reason I love my CDs yesterday. We went to a friend's house who has a son that is three weeks older than Sawyer. When we walked into the baby's room we were hit by a distinct smell..... dirty diapers. It was a little gross. Sawyer's room doesn't smell. And, on the rare occasion that it does, it doesn't smell like that.... just like baby pee.

Anyway, just a quick post to remind people that I love CDing, it is easy, and people should look into it. Happy Tuesday!

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Adult Diapers said...

lmao!!!! get. out. of. my. head. I just said this to a friend during fashion. I guess this is a fashionable answer to the horrible public restroom problem.