Friday, May 27, 2011

A simple bag of chips....

My husband teases me a lot about various things... my ability to leave everything I touch out and strewn about the house, my addiction to chocolate, my love of horrible television shows, my obsession with chips... just to name a few. But, I know he loves me.  He finds little ways to tell me that every day, without actually telling me (which he does quite a few times a day too...) like when I had a tough week, I found a twix bar in my truck when I was on my way to go teach knitting.

And last night he brought me home a bag of potato chips... yum. :) This may be a small thing, but he hates going to the grocery store, made an extra trip, and bought something he would never eat. All for me. Which was awesome. Because I know I will really appreciate them this weekend when Sawyer is being a pill and I'm home by myself (because he is camping until Monday). I can just take a break and eat some chips... and really, that will make my day a bit easier.

Because it is the little things.

Like, even though it drives me crazy that Sawyer wakes up at 5am, when he rolls over and smiles at me, I think, "Ok, fine... you are too cute... you win" and get up with him.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend.

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