Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start and Finish -itis

I am in a knitting zone right now. I am a mere two repeats away from finishing Weston's sock. The first chart of the mystery shawl I'm knitting has been released (a mere 12 rows... I can do that!) and I have volunteered to test knit a hat for a friend on Ravelry. I pulled some handspun for the hat and just need to wind it and knit a swatch... I think that will be a quick knit.

So, yes, I'm starting new things, but the finishing of the sock is on the horizon... and I think the hat will be such a quick knit that it doesn't really count. :)

I'm also very close to finishing Sawyer's train set that goes with his train quilt.  All of the houses and train cars are sewed flat (they had to be lined with fabric and batting) and now they just need to be sewn into their 3D shapes and stuffed. Which is kind of a pain, so I'm putting it off for a little bit....

Weston's birthday is tomorrow and Sawyer will be 7 months old on Friday. Oh my goodness, how time flies. He must be growing, because he has been taking unusually long naps in the morning. Like almost 3 hours long. Weirdo. He is pretty crazy with his sleep, it seems like he sleeps all the time or not at all... kind of like everything else he does... extreme.  I'm hoping he takes a good afternoon nap so I can get another good chunk of knitting done...

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