Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Blues

Weston went bike riding and camping this weekend. He left yesterday and won't be home until tomorrow. Leaving me home with a needy baby and two crazy dogs by myself for two and a half days. Not much fun. Sawyer had a ok night... woke up at 1:30 and demanded to sleep with me after that (this week, he has been getting up at 4 and sleeping with me until we get up at 6:30 which isn't too bad) It was kind of nice to have the whole bed to ourselves for that... today he has been kind of crazy. Hopefully tonight goes well and Weston gets home early-ish tomorrow.

In knitting news, his socks are DONE!! No pictures yet.... he wore them to work and showed them off and told me repeatedly how well they fit (which I told him, of course, I made them just for you!). I was glad that he liked them so much.

The mystery shawl has been a bit more trouble than I anticipated. I've had to start over once and today had to tink back quite a bit.... apparently counting is not my strong point. I think I'm on my way to success now... (of course, I'm only on row four... but there is a lifeline put in and I'm going for it!)

JB is back in town!!! I was very excited to see him yesterday and I went and saw his new place today (that has carpet, and I thought Sawyer was going to crawl... he is so close). It is so nice to have him home.

Tomorrow night is the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. I know, I can't believe I watch it either.... we have another couple who comes over every week for it and it is quite entertaining to watch together. I'm going to make a cake with my prediction of who is going to win on it... fun times!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I'm having an ok time. Just very happy that I'm not a single mom, because this gig is hard! Kudos to those who do it full time....

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