Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day has been awesome. My husband is amazing (he kind of makes me feel like Mother's Day is every day, he takes such good care of me) and we have had a great weekend.  Yesterday we drove out to Talkeetna and walked around the town, had lunch, and then came back home.  It was beautiful and you could see Denali in all of its glory. On the way home we stopped at the yarn shop in Eagle River so I could pick up this....

Yes, I bought a loom.  I have wanted one for a while, and Weston was going to make me one, but this just seemed easier. :) My MIL had given me a gift certificate to the shop for my birthday, and I did mean just to buy a few skeins of yarn, but they didn't have the colors I wanted, so I decided to spring for this instead. I have been playing with it today and it is so cool and fun!!! I think I'm going to get some cotton and weave some dishcloths to practice.... we'll see though. I might just dive in after this practice piece I'm working on now and go for it.

Weston also got me flowers on Friday and a card and giant kit-kat today. My card included this little slip of paper, which cracked me up (it's a Seinfeld reference... my husband gets me).

Overall, it has been a great weekend. I just love having family time. Be on the lookout for weaving projects from me now.

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