Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sawyer has decided that he is a schedule baby.  Much to his mother's dismay... I am not a schedule person. I do things when they "feel" right... if I'm hungry, I eat, if I'm sleepy, I sleep (if I can... sometimes the little person in the house protests to that). But, Sawyer has decided that he is a SCHEDULE baby. Wake up: 6:30, morning nap 8:30, afternoon nap 12:30, evening rest 6:00, bed time 8:30. If you are not on his schedule, he is NOT happy.  One thing that is kind of nice about him being a schedule baby is that if he is fussy around 12:15, you know why. It is because he is tired. Simple fix, get him ready for his nap. The thing that is a pain about him being a schedule baby is that it makes it hard to get things done outside of the house... if we aren't home during one of his nap times, he has a hard time napping. But, oh well. He is in charge... he even has an outfit that says so.

I'm plugging away on his sweater. I'm still super worried that he will grow out of it before it is done, but I am going to finish it anyway. Because Sally 2011 is a finisher. And because there is hope that maybe he will stay this size for another month and be able to wear it... ha ha. (And if he doesn't fit into this sweater, I may be forced to have another child just to have someone to wear it... that is how much work has gone into it...)

That is really all that is going on here. Still no more snow. :( The snow we have is packed down and covered in ice. Gross. We have had a ton of fog recently, which has put a nice layer of frost on everything. It is pretty, but I would prefer about another foot or more of snow....


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Go Sawyer! And I agree with you on the snow, I want more!

Miss Julep said...

How nice to have a baby on a schedule:) I suppose he has put you on one as well, ha,ha. Can't wait to see the cute sweater and I applaud you for finding the time and where-with-all to work so diligently, considering the fore-mentioned in the house.