Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

Oh, Monday. You are such a fickle day. Sometimes you pass like a quiet breeze, nice and easy... other times you are like a hurricane and destroy everything in your path. So far, today has been a gentle breeze. Sawyer slept THROUGH the night. He went down at 8:45 and got up at 7:00. Amazing. And, he woke up smiling, which is always much more pleasant than the alternative! Now he is taking his morning nap, and I am working on getting things done around the house. I have a fun idea for Valentine's Day presents that I am working on and very excited about. Just need some sheets of photo paper and a stapler to finish the first half... and about 4 hours of time to finish the second half. The time might be hard to come by.... might have to actually stay up past 8:45 at night. :P

Some other random things. A friend posted about the movie Food, Inc, which I believe I have posted about before. I think it is important to know where your food comes from. Weston and I have really decreased our meat intake, and the little bit of meat that we do eat comes from Natural Pantry, is grass fed, and organic. This past weekend we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast... the bacon was uncured and organic and was quite different to cook than "normal" bacon. There was so little grease, it was amazing. And the taste... yum. Of course, the package of bacon was $7, but like I said, we eat meat maybe 2 times a week, so I don't feel too bad spending more on it. We also bought AK eggs at Natural Pantry (which are $7/dozen, much more than we would normally pay for eggs... but we are thinking about getting chickens to combat that cost.) and they cooked very differently too! A "normal" egg when cracked into a pan spreads EVERYWHERE. These eggs stayed in a nice little circle... no spreading. I can only think the difference in how these two foods cooked is because of the quality and freshness. They aren't filled with preservatives and the animals are happy.

Also, wanted to clairfy something about my last post. I was thinking about it, and it kind of sounded like I was anti-public school, which is not true. I will probably (90% positive this will happen) be sending Sawyer to a public school. There are EXCELLENT public school teachers. I just think it is sad that there are also teachers who aren't great, hate their jobs, or just plain aren't good at their jobs, and yet, they still keep their jobs. Part of it is because they don't want to/can't quit their jobs for $$ reasons, others I think just don't know they are bad at it... and another reason bad teachers stick around is that it is really hard to fire them. That is a whole different discussion. But,  I just wanted to point out that public schools aren't horrible, there are good and bad teachers everywhere, and I admire those great teachers who do make a difference in the lives of children.

More random things... My MIL has a friend who has a granddaughter who is a week or so older than Sawyer. This young girl has a blog (well, her family has a blog, but I think she is kind of the star). My MIL has asked me why Sawyer doesn't have "one of those". (I don't think she knows the word blog, just knows that she can look at a website to learn about this little girl... and wants people to learn about Sawyer) I'm thinking about it. Sawyer may debut his own blog soon. I don't want him taking over my blog... not that I don't love him, but this is MY little corner of the world where I talk about knitting, and other things that strike my fancy (which is him quite often, but still... he is not the star here). So look out for that. If I decide to do that, I will post a link here so if anyone is interested in keeping tabs on him, they can.

Alright, 10 o'clock. Have to shower before Sawyer gets up from his morning nap. Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Whitney Erin said...

You should get chickens! then I can buy eggs from you. We want them, but can't have them at our little house. We will definitely be getting them if we move to Homer :)

Miss Julep said...

Aww, Sawyer with his very own blog. How FUN and CUTE!And how cool for him to look through it when he gets older.