Saturday, January 22, 2011

JB Britches

Today is Josh's birthday.  Here he is in his birthday present from last year.

It is the Knotty but Nice hat from Knitty. It was a very fun knit, and he wears it a lot, so I'm glad that I made it. I want to make one for myself... but... you know how that goes. :) Last year, we went to Colorado, where Josh was working at a ski resort, for his birthday. This year, we won't be together and it is sad. I haven't seen Josh since his birthday last year.... :( But, he is coming up next month and I am very excited!

So, Josh, if you are reading this, Happy Birthday. I know that I don't have a knitted present for you this year, but I still think you are awesome.  Blame Sawyer for your lack of hand knits. He's pretty demanding. We miss you and can't wait to see you next month. Be safe!

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