Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So I probably will keep up with this for about a week... but what the heck. I joined the flickr group "YIP, the knitterly and crafty types" where the goal (don't know why my font has gone weird...) is to take a picture every day of the year. Well, I'm already 5 days behind, but we're going to ignore that! So, if you are on flickr, my username is MooseInSocks.  I will probably post a few of the pictures here (ohhh... actually, maybe Wordless Wednesday will return!) and on twitter, so if you are on there you can check them out. 

And because I love to enable other fiber addicts, here is what I have been coveting lately. 
This fiber from Fiber Fancy called conversation hearts. I would love to ply it with a semi-solid pink or yellow... yum. 

And I actually did buy this... a very cute orifice hook for my spinning wheel.  There are more available and she is SUPER fast! I wanted a white sheep, but it was already sold. I convo'ed her and it was done by the end of the day! WOW!

And, these batts from Desert Garden Farms. LOVE. I actually will probably wind up with these by the end of the week if they are still available. They just look so soft....

Now I am off to go spin... 

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