Sunday, January 3, 2010


I don't like to make new year's resolutions. I'm not sure that I've ever been successful with any... and I feel like if it's something I really want to do, I should start then, not wait until the new year. I do sometimes set goals for myself for the new year, such as to knit with more of my own handspun... but I feel like that is because a calendar year is an easy way to measure time, and because it is something that is pretty flexible (I only used my handspun for one project this past year, so if I knit TWO things, done!) and attainable. Maybe they are the same thing, and I just like the word goal more... who knows. ANYWAY. My goals for the year are (drumroll please):

*Knit with more of my handspun yarn
*Be more budget-wise
*Knit a shawl
*Get my sewing room under control (which has been a goal for a while, but I recently have come up with some concrete ideas that I think will help.)
*Finish one of the two sweaters I have started for myself
*Spin more often (I have gotten out of the 10 mins a day habit...)
*Learn to weave!

I think that is really a good start. I have been dreaming of knitting a Sweet Georgia (rav link) with my handspun yarn for a while now, and I want to get it done before Jan. In fact, I might go look in my closet and try to find an appropriate yarn for it tonight...

I have also joined some Spin-A-Longs lately that I think will help keep me on track with my spinning goals. They are all from the wonderful etsy shop Desert Garden Farms and have amazing themes.  The one for this month is Shel Silverstein poems, and I am also in the Create-A-Pirate SAL.  I will probably be joining the Murder Mystery SAL because that just sounds like TOO much fun! I've even put some thought into how I'm going to spin my poem batts and I think they will be awesome!!

I had some other things to blog about, but the dogs whining has distracted me, and I have now forgotten them. I better take them out walking before they drive me insane.

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