Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Love Winter

In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I love winter. LOVE. It is actually my favorite season. For a lot of reasons...
*I love snow
*I look great in layers
*I love scarves (which I actually wear year-around, but they feel more in place in the winter)
*I love to take my dogs out skiing
*It is fun to throw snowballs at the dogs... they love to catch them in the air.
*It is pretty
I'm sure there are more, but that is good for the moment. I feel like people who don't like the winter are kind of whiners. A lot of people complain about the lack of light here in AK, but I often feel like that is partly their fault as well. If you never go outside, it is no wonder you miss the sun.  I walk my dogs at least once a day, but even if you don't have a dog, it isn't hard to bundle up and go for a 20 min walk. That would get you out in the light (and some exercise!) and it probably wouldn't be as big of a deal. Another thing people complain about all the time in the winter is the cold. Which baffles my mind. You know where you live, DRESS for it. No kidding it is cold when you are wearing jeans, barley a coat, and nothing else. When I know I'm going to be outside for more than a walk to the car, I bundle up! When I go walking I wear snowpants, my coat, good boots, wool socks, mittens, hat, and a scarf. Sometimes if it is super cold, I wear two coats. LAYERS, they do a body good. I'm all about being warm (I wear down booties in my house almost constantly) and if I can survive outside in the winter, anyone can.  So, to wrap this up, I love winter. Give it a shot... you may find you like it too...

And now I am off to vacation in another winter wonderland, Copper Mountain, Colorado. Sure, most people leave AK to go somewhere warm, but that is just not my style. Like I said, I love winter....

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