Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quick Crazy Dog Post

Just popping in to tell you about my crazy dogs. Last night, at 2 am, I awoke to strange crunching noises. I asked W what was going on, and he said Frito had a rawhide. Knowing we don't have any rawhide in the house, I asked where he got it.  Upon further investigation, we found out that Frito had somehow evolved, was able to open the dog cabinet (where we keep treats, leashes, nail clippers, etc) and steal one of the bully sticks I had in there for a special occasion.  He hadn't evolved enough to take the plastic off, which is why the noises were so odd that woke me up. He is such a fat-minded dog...

One day when we were driving to go skiing, Snickers learned how to open the window of the car. I was not amused.

I think I may have to stop getting my dogs "smart" toys... it is looking like if I don't they may take over the house.... more than they already have... alright, off to work!!

Also, go take a look at this shoe tutorial! I am definitely going to be trying my hand at these in a few weeks.

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