Thursday, October 15, 2009

Success! (well, almost)

Of all of the goals that I posted, I have completed all but one of them.

* I have put the binding on my pumpkin quilt. It is amazing and I love it. Everyone else will have the chance to ogle it tonight at our weekly "Office" get together.
* I have finished my baby sweater. (minus sewing on the buttons, but I did FIND buttons for it, so I'm still counting this as done) I love it and it actually FITS a 12 month old child like it is supposed to.
*I have finished my Saturday Sampler block... and everybody note this on your calendar because I believe this is the FIRST time all year that it is done before Friday night (sometimes Sat morning)!!! I'm very pleased with myself.

I haven't finished spinning my current roving, but I am getting there. I am hoping to get about an hour in tonight while my pizza dough is rising... I am very impressed with my productivity.

Oh, and I also won the "Wife of the Day" award yesterday... I made all three meals for my husband. Eggs and sausage for breakfast, bean burrito for lunch, and chili for dinner. And the kitchen was clean. Oh, and I baked brownies for his potluck. I amaze myself sometimes.

Alright, I have to run some errands (another quilt is just a binding away!!) and then bake pizza. Yum! I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday evening... my favorite day! And the return of 30 Rock! Whoo hoo!