Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holy Productivity, Batman!

I have been kicking ass and taking names at my house.  W has even asked me what is going on as he has noticed that I "have been cooking a lot, and not only that, cleaning up after myself".  Oh, and I have finished three quilts in three days... sure, they just needed binding, but still that is a HUGE deal in my house. I also finished quilting a baby quilt (I'm going to pick out the binding tomorrow) and just need to put the borders on another small baby quilt (picking that out tomorrow as well). I just suddenly realized, if I don't start finishing some of these projects, I am going to be buried in WIPs. Plus, having so many WIP means that I don't really get credit for the crafting that I do. It's hard for people to believe that I knit and quilt when there are just piles of yarn and fabric lying around the house... anyone can buy things. :)

So now, I am trying to finish the roving I am spinning while enjoying some Office DVDs.

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