Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fiber Notebook!

So now that I have been spinning for a while (actually, only 4 months... but who's counting) I have started to acquire a decent amount of stash fiber and handspun yarn.  And since I have actually been KNITTING with my handspun yarn (ok, only one project so far, but again, who's counting) I have been dreaming of starting a fiber notebook.  I really like handspun yarn (duh!), but I found when I knit the baby sweater, that some of what I loved about it was lost in the knitting. Not that the sweater isn't awesome... because, it is!... it's just that I felt you couldn't see how the two plys of the yarn played together. So I knew I wanted to start a fiber notebook that had samples of the yarns I spun, and pictures of what they became.

Today I stumbled upon this article, and it is my dream notebook!! I am SO inspired, I might start mine tonight! I love the eclectic look of the notebook! I actually even have some blanks notebooks in my house right now that I think will work.  They aren't hard back or even leather bound, but they are very "me" (100% recycled and even green in color). So that is going to be starting soon.  Maybe I will even take pictures and share them on here.  Who knows. And speaking of pictures, I really have been slacking lately. So, here is a list of things that I PROMISE to post pictures of sometime tomorrow.
*My finished scarf
*My finished baby sweater
*The finished pumpkin quilt
*The finished fall quilt
*The finished black and white quilt
*The new shelves in the house

I think that is really all that is going on here.  I have to teach knitting tonight, which is always fun! This group of ladies cracks me up.  A lot of them caught on very quickly, which is always a nice surprise... one of the ladies has been telling everyone she is going to knit them one sock.  Not a pair, just one... because she doesn't think she can make two that match! :) Too funny. Anyway, off to get ready for that... and to start my fiber notebook!

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Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Wow! What an awesome notebook....I really should do that too! What a cool way to remember/keep track!!