Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NBC Lineup

This fall, NBC underwent a major line up change... not very interesting to most people. I only watch NBC, and I typically only WATCH TV on Thursday night. It may be on other times, but it is just noise. The one major thing that changed in AK is now the night time line up is Jay Leno, the news, Conan, and then Jimmy Kimmel. No more Seinfield. Very weird. As long as I can remember Seinfield came on after the news. Now it comes on at noon. Annoying.

In other, more interesting news, I finished the baby sweater I was working on. I LOVE it. I bought the buttons for it yesterday and hopefully will be able to sew them on soon. I am getting ready to bind my Halloween quilt. I still have quite a bit of spinning to do.... but it is coming along.  I also started a fancy scarf with some of my friends handspun yarn. I'm half way done with it, and I'm hoping to finish it up today.  I want to be able to block it and wear it to the Eagle River Brewfest on Friday.

Oh, and I have another rant about the stupid speed humps.  The purpose of these humps is to make sure people don't SPEED in the neighborhood.  So, if the speed limit is 25 MPH, I should be able to go over the speed humps at about that speed without trouble. I have to slow down to 15 to go comfortable over the humps.... incredibly annoying, since there are three on my way out of the neighborhood.

I guess nothing too interesting is going on, as I haven't been blogging that much. Friday is the Brewfest, which should prove to be an interesting event. We are taking an old school limo, owned by a friend's dad, and that is always a good time. Maybe, maybe.... I will post some pictures. Either way, I will try to get some pictures up of my knitting soon.

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