Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super G

I've been watching the World Championship ski races today and I've always wondered a few things. When do you go from skiing in normal outdoor clothes to skiing in that skin tight suit? Do you reach a point in your skiing where you just know you are ready for the suit? How warm can it be? Also, let's say you are really into one of the more intense events, such as the super g or ski jumping. Where do you learn to do this? Do you just wake up and decide to be a ski jumper? Where do you train? What if you make a mistake? That is a pretty big fall...

I have always wondered these things when watching skiing on TV. I guess I can see the progression of some other sports, hockey, figure skating, snowboarding. I know where I can learn and practice all of these things. I don't know where to learn to be a ski jumper. The guys in the championship right now are going 80km/hr....I don't know the conversion, but it sounds fast. I'm not sure I would even be comfortable driving that fast.

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