Thursday, February 5, 2009

No, my dogs aren't spoiled

Sure they used to just get their dog food scooped out of a bag, but now it comes out of this:

It is my wonderful dog food barrel. It is half of a barrel, so it sits nicely on the wall. It looks much nicer than a big ugly bag of dog food...really classes up that corner of my house. And here is a new picture of the curtains from the inside of the house. The middle one is lined with a lighter blue fabric. One day I will stroll outside and take a picture out there so you can see how it looks.

Also an updated picture of my rhino sweater. Depending on who comes over to watch the Office tonight, I might get the rhino done.

And some pictures to make you laugh. I wish we would have put a classier shirt on poor baby Snickers. He could have looked like a dog President when shaking Weston's hand....