Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Today kicked my butt. Kids were crazy, adults made bad decisions, and I was rudely reminded that my contract is only good for this year and as of May 22nd I will no longer be a school district employee. I went to Leah's after work and cried.

But then Bobby cheered me up!! And then he cried....not taking a nap is tough (or so he tells me!) :)

The OTHER thing that cheered me up is that my AWESOME friend Kelsey spun up all of my Phat Fiber fiber! It is absolutely amazing! If you can't wait to see pictures, jump on over to her blog. I am too lazy to take pictures tonight.

Weston is out at class, and I should sew...but I think I am going to spend time in bed with the trusty laptop dreaming of what to do with my awesome new yarn. I really wish I had a nightstand so I could bring a glass of wine to my pity party....

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