Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Insert Creative Title Here

To say that I drink a lot of wine is an understatement. I love wine. Wine, wine, wine. I only drink red wine, and typically a Cabernet Saviorn (spl? CAB for short). I buy my wine six bottles at a time because you get 10% off when you do that. You also get a nifty reusable bag. I have collected three of these. And one time I remembered to bring mine...which means since I have moved into my house on July 4th I (not completely alone...) have consumed at least 24 bottles of wine. Wow.

Now you would think that by drinking so much wine I must have an awesome system for picking great bottles, right? WRONG! I have a few faves (Mad Housewife, Gnarly Head) but I mostly pick wine based on the picture on the cover or the funny name. And ones that have dogs in the name or on the label are always winners.

So I have decided to stat blogging about the bottles of wine I drink in an effort to keep track of ones I like and enlighten anyone who might be a wine enthusiast, like myself.

Also, on another semi-related topic, not sure if I mentioned it before but Anchorage has stopped recycling glass. Which due to my enthusiasm for all things wine has caused quite a problem for me. I still save glass. It hurts my heart to throw it away, but now what do I do with it? I need some really cool craft project that uses anything glass. Ideas?

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leah said...

Too bad they're not transparent, then you could fill them with heavily starched (so they don't get squished) bits of fabric.

We know people that have a bottle bush... It was all upside down bottles on the branches. But, that might be not such a good idea, seeing as how you have quite a few bottles to deal with and then they would be outside.

I'm sure you'll think of something that'll blow our socks off, though!