Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guaranteed even if chewed....

Opened a new bottle of wine tonight. I don't think I reviewed my last bottle, "Mad Housewife", but it was yummy. It is pretty much a staple in my wine-buying. I love the label, the name, and the wine, so it is a triple threat. The new wine is called "Night Harvest" and it is a merlot. Merlots are a bit stronger than I like, but this one is pretty smooth. I don't think I would drink it alone, but it is delicious with a good dinner or snack.

On to other things. I FINALLY framed these pictures that I bought when we purchased our house 8 months ago. I hung them up in a straight line, but didn't get a picture of the finished prodouct. The pictures are taken through the viewfinder of another camera (if I understood right) which I thought was really cool. I just wanted the one that read, "I'm in love" to hang in our bedroom, but the others were so pretty I bought them all. Here is a link to the shop.

I got home today to find Snickers without a collar. Apparently there was an epic dog battle today and the collar got ripped off and then chewed up. Luckily, I bought a Lupine collar which is "guaranteed even if chewed". I just took it back to the shop (Paw Prince, and AWESOME local dog boutique. I buy all of my dog stuff there (except food) and love it.) and got a new one for free! Awesome. I love when I get good customer service!

That's really all I've got. I made some yummy enchiladas for dinner and also made some taco meat for later. Whew! And here it is only 6pm. I've got a nice night ahead of me.

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Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Wow! I love that shop, those must look amazing on your wall! Also....thinking I need to drop by tomorrow as I have a little package of yarns for you!!!