Tuesday, February 17, 2009

House of Paint

We are painting the inside of the house. Most people don't notice when they come over, but the house is A LOT of colors. At least one wall in every room is blue. Why? I'm pretty sure the previous owners fancied themselves designers. Now that we have lived here for a while, we have decided to tackle painting.

Which means you have to PICK a color. Simple right? Yea, right. One wall in my living room has 8 swatches on it right now, of varying sizes. We have decided on a color for the bathroom. It is this very deep, rich teal color called "beach grass". Which is weird because I don't think it looks like grass at all. But I don't often make it to the beach, so maybe there is a beautiful teal grass out there that I don't know about.

We are still trying to decide on the rest of the rooms. I don't think I am going to paint my sewing room. I don't really feel like moving everything to paint. And I have some cute wall quilts on the wall now that look nice.

Another weird thing you have to think about is if you are going to paint the closets. Who knew? All these crazy decisions I am having to make. I still don't feel like a grown up, but here I am...painting my own house, raising my dogs, living life. Paying bills. All that jazz.

I will post pics of the house later. Right now I'm heading back to my wine. Much more entertaining.

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leah said...

It is kind of crazy how "adulthood" sneaks up on you. I had one of those moments about a week ago when I realized that Bobby was my son... I have a kid?!

Looking forward to the pictures! (And you probably don't want to pick out a swatch after too much wine.)