Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You scream! I scream!

We all scream for ice cream! I have made ice cream three different times now and it is so good it might kill you. The first time I made cookies and cream. Yum to the max. It was devoured as we had a bunch of people over and we were all hanging out by the fire. Wonderful. The second time I made mixed berry ice cream and luckily there were people over again because I realized that I don't really like things in my ice cream (except cookies and cookie dough) so I only had a little bit of that ice cream. Then last night I made just plain vanilla. Wow. It will literally stop your heart it is so rich.

In knitting news, I am knitting my dad a pair of felted slippers for Christmas. Here is a picture of one of them....they are giant. I can not wait to see how they look when they are done. It didn't take too long to knit this, so I will probably be able to finish them by the end of next week.

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Lisa said...

I like the colors in the glove. Very cool