Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feeling Productive

So I took all my quilt ready for a feast of the eyes!

This is the back for my puzzler quilt. I still have to sew all of the blocks together, but I LOVE this quilt. The colors are amazing.

The fabric for the back is a purple with bats on perfect. It looks more blue in the picture, but it is purple in real life.

The rain boots were too cute and perfect for the back of this kids quilt.

This is what I originally bought for the back of this doesn't really go with it, but the fabric was beautiful.

Then I came home with this (kind of on accident...I was hoping there was enough for the back of my puzzler quilt) and realized it worked MUCH better with this quilt.

This is the back of my black, white, and red quilt that I just got back from the quilter. It is my favorite quilt that I have made. And the back just cracks me up.

Here is the front of the quilt. Almost as amazing as the back. :)

This is the fabric that I bought "just because". I don't really have plans for any of it, but I'm sure whatever it becomes it will be amazing.

This is the back for a charm quilt that I haven't started....bold move I know.

I can't believe how well this fits with my winding ways quilt.

I can't wait to get all of these quilts done! Even after getting all of these done I will still have five tops done, plus all of the projects that are in the process of being finished. I was pretty excited to find so many perfect backs at such a good deal. It was a Christmas miracle!


Lisa said...

I love the black, white, and red quilt. You sure are more productive on your breaks than I am!

leah said...

Did you go back and buy more?

Those are amazingly perfect! I can't wait to see the Puzzler all put together!

leah said...

Okay, I looked again and you DID go back didn't you!