Monday, December 8, 2008


I can't remember if I blogged about it, but a while back Weston and I watched the Michael Moore movie "Sicko". Now, I am normally not a MM fan. I think that most of his documentaries don't do a good job of showing both sides of an argument and are simply meant to ruffle feathers. This one is different. This one takes a hard look at our health care system and the health care systems of other industrialized nations and shows the good and the bad of each one. Ours is riddled with problems, which anyone who has had to pay to hear that they aren't sure what is wrong with you... can attest to.

Anyway, on to my bummer of the day. Weston recently enrolled at his job for insurance. Which means I get to opt out of mine. YEA! We couldn't really afford $300/month it is a bit steep. Except for the fact that I apparently faxed in my form a day late. See, Weston signed up on 11/13 for insurance. I had 30 days to opt out....I know what you are thinking. But Sally today is only December could you be late? Oh, well that is simple. Apparently even though Weston signed up on the 13th of November it was retroactive and the effective date was 12/1. Which means that when I faxed in my form on December 2nd I was a day too late.

And that is how I became double insured.

And poor.

Yea America.

I wish I didn't love Alaska so much, because Europe looks like a great place to live and they had a pretty cool healthcare and higher education system. Damn you Alaska for being so wonderful.....

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