Sunday, December 7, 2008

Amazing Kitchen Wonders

This is a picture of our dinner the other night. Weston and I don't eat out that much and I've been meaning to blog about how awesome he is at putting together a wonderful meal. This night we had sausage with peppers and onions along with mashed potatoes and rice. It was wonderful. When we cook dinner Weston is usually in charge of the meat and I am in charge of the sides. Works out well.

This is what I call our bakery. My mom got this for us for our anniversary. It is BEAUTIFUL and I love it. It is a cake display with alaskan animals carved on the outside. Wonderful. Anyway...I bake a lot. So the new plan is that I can bake as much as I want as long as it will fit in the bakery. It is funny when people come over and ask if the sweets are for eating or just on display.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It is too warm and now super icy out which is horrible. It needs to snow at least two more feet now.

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