Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday I decided that I was going to make myself a new purse. I had bought the fabric the other day at Quilt Tree and have been wanting to make this purse ever since I got Bend the Rules Sewing a month or so ago. I LOVE this book. The directions are easy to read and all of the project are the CUTEST. This bag was really easy to make, and it only took me two hours to make. There are a few things that I would change when I make another one (which will be soon because this bag is amazing). 1. I used batting instead of flannel for the facing fabric because it was what I had in my room. It made the bag seams a bit thick. I am going to go buy a bunch of cheap flannel to make more of the bags in the book. 2. The pocket on the inside isn't lined and is a bit too big for my taste. I plan on lining the pocket so you don't see any of the wrong sides of the fabric and making it a bit smaller. 3. I don't really like how I did the handles. I'm not very good at folding over fabrics and ironing them. I can never make them straight. So my plan is to cut different pieces and sew them into one handle and turn it inside out. That way I have a nice even, straight tube for the handle. Other than that, the bag is perfect. It looks so cute and professional...I'm a bit impressed with myself. :)

So if you don't have Amy Karol's book...go buy it right now. They have a copy at Quilt Tree, or you can get it on Amazon, or at Title Wave. Go now. You will love it and want to make everything. And the projects are so easy and quick you can make them for Christmas presents!

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