Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Long List

1. New Knitting Needles
On Halloween Leah and I drove out to Eagle River to go to the Tangled Skein. I stopped myself from buying any yarn, but did leave with two new pairs of knitting needles to use for my socks. The are the TINEST circular needles I have ever seen. (I will post pictures tomorrow...) They are from the Shanghai Hiya Co. and they are called Hiya Hiya needles. I bought both a size 3 and 4 because I wasn't sure which size I used for my socks. Lucky for me, I was using 3's because those were the bamboo ones (the other ones are metal) and I pretty much only knit with wood needles. So the bamboo socks have been resurrected. I LOVE the new needles. They are super easy to work with and make knitting socks so much more portable! Having to carry and keep track of 4 DPN is a bit of a challenge for me unless I am in my house, so I was quite excited to take these to the movies yesterday and knit. Of course, Weston thought I was crazy and kept trying to convince me that I did not need to knit in the movie and it was rude. He lost and I did knit.

2. Wall-E
The aforementioned movie from yesterday was Wall-E. We finally got the chance to see the Pixar film last night at Bear's Tooth. It was very cute. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see the next Disney film, Bolt. That comes out on Friday and looks funny.

3. Frito's birthday
Yesterday was Frito's SECOND birthday! I can't believe he is already two. He had a great dog birthday which started out with a special dog pup-cake for breakfast. Then he got his presents...two squeaky dog balls (which he loves!) and a new toy called Hide-A-Squirrel. The HAS was a HUGE hit! It is a plush tree with holes in it where you hide squeaky squirrels. Then Frito is challenged to get the squirrels out so he can play with them. He wasn't too fond of it at first, but once we hid some treats in the tree and he realized what he was supposed to do he LOVED it. It is an inside toy (he has struggled with this, he loves to take his favorite toys outside) and he can't chew it up so we have to supervise him with it, but it is a hit! He is in love with it. Overall, probably his best birthday so far!

4. Rock Band 2
Everyone loves Rock Band. It is the best party game we have because even just watching it is a great bit of fun. We bought Rock Band 2 (just the game, since we already had all of the instruments) right after it came out. It doesn't have as many classic rock songs as the first one, but it is nice to have more songs to play. We made it into the Hall of Fame in both games already, so we just play for fun. Last weekend we were at Best Buy and came upon the Rock Band AISLE. Yes, there is a whole aisle of Best Buy dedicated to Rock Band. Gross. Anyway, we found something that we DESPERATELY need to complete our Rock Band experience. A smoke machine and strobe lights. That is right, a smoke machine and strobe light the hook into your X-Box and coordinate with the song you are playing. How could it get any more awesome. I really hope that we get it because I have dreams of amazing parties where we all dress up like real band people and play concerts in my living room. Crazy fun.

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