Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christmas in July

Last night we had a Christmas in July party/BBQ.... We had quite a good time... here is a quick picture recap.

Sawyer wasn't a fan of the Santa hat... big surprise. 

Look! We are having fun!

James telling Branda what he wants for Christmas

Branda made these AMAZING olive penguins! They are the cutest food ever!

Robby was telling the keg what he wanted for Christmas....

Yeah, that is the Christmas tree on top of the awning. 

It was seriously hot for the party. Like 74 or something. Out of control. I was very thankful for the warm weather though.... today it was windy and cloudy. 

In other news, I took the time to organize my fiber closet tonight. Pictures later, after the mess is better contained. I also have another plan (surprise!) to get more knitting done. All will be revealed in due time. 

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Miss Julep said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time and the weather was a bit like our regular Christmas weather, ha,ha.

Cute bunch of folks:)