Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Christma-kah!

Christma-kah is in full force around here.  W and I have combined all the things about Christmas and Hanukkah that we like (presents, lots of days to open presents, candles, trees, etc.) into one unique holiday known as Christma-kah. This year Christma-kah got an awesome new mascot... an african santa standing in a Hanukkah candy dish.  Amazing.  We opened presents with my family last Sunday, and everything was LOVED. I knit my dad this hat from the book Hats On! by Charelene Schurch:

It fit him perfectly and looked awesome on him.  Of course, when they came to drop off the dog on Thursday, Sam was wearing it which annoyed me.... I knit Sam this hat (from the same book) :

I figured it was simple enough that a 14-year-old boy could wear it without feeling like it was "uncool" and it was in his school and hockey colors, so I figured it would get some wear.  He seemed to like it, except for the rolled brim. Oh well, I can't please everyone! And I knit my mom these slippers, out of the book Felt It! (I think...):

I needle felted snowflakes on them, and then did a small amount of beading on the sides. They turned out pretty cool and I know my mom has been wearing them pretty much non-stop since I gave them to her.

They got us some pretty rockin' presents as well. I wound up with a pair of Bog Boots which I have been wearing all the time (which annoys W, and makes me happy!). They are AMAZING. Super warm (rated to -30*F!), and waterproof. I LOVE them. Sam got me a set of unbreakable wine glasses... probably the most thoughtful gift ever! I have been using them all the time and love that the dogs tail won't break them! W scored a camp saw (which apparently saved someone's life while lost in the wilderness in AK, so I am thankful he has that now!) and a set of Guinness pub glasses. It was pretty fun.

Tonight we are opening presents with W's family, so I need to go finish some things up. Only my SIL is getting something that I made... everyone else is too picky.... or wants a quilt, and I just don't have the time to make everyone quilts (or the $$ for that matter!).  I think people don't really understand how much goes into making a quilt, so in case you are thinking of asking for one from someone you know, let me give you a small ball park... for a lap/couch size quilt that has been quilted, the investment is probably somewhere between $375-$500 depending on fabric choices. Plus the time. So know you are asking for something quite expensive... and USE it!! I dread giving people quilts because I'm afraid they will wind up in a closet somewhere because they are afraid to use them... don't!! Use them... wear them out... they are made to be loved. Alright, I really should get on my chores as I have to go to work today too!! I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!

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