Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fabric, as promised

Here is the picture of the fabric that I am going to make the elephant toy out of. The pictures of the elephant came out of the book pictured, and are both copyrighted by the publishing company. The design is by Hillary Lang, and her website is Check it out, it is pretty neat. The book can be purchased at barnes and noble, possibly your local quilt store (if yours is as awesome as mine, it will order any book for you without the obligation to buy), and of course, It is a great book. The large spotted fabric is going to be the body and the small dots the inside of the ears...see what I mean about causing ADD? :) I'm going to try and cut out the fabric here in a min, and possibly get started on it tonight.

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Pam 'oh Da Woods said...

I just found your site and bookmarked it...I love it!!
Pam 'Oh Da Woods