Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Sawyer and I have been spending almost every waking moment outside... once I wrangle him into clothes, that it. It has been an amazing summer so far and I have just been over the moon that I can take him outside and he will wonder around the yard entertaining himself. It is so great for both of us! Here he is outside in his Carharts, "drinking" a PBR (don't worry, it wasn't open...)... union break. :)

That baby....

And speaking of babies. I guess I never really announced here that I am pregnant! 20 weeks to be exact! We had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday and everything looks great. Baby is stubborn (no surprise there), but growing well, and seems to be staying out of trouble. My goal (besides a healthy baby and mama) this pregnancy is to stay off of bed rest.  We met with the high-risk dr to discuss ways to do that today.  Basically he said I look great and that unless anything changes, to keep on keeping on.... oh, Doctors... we talked about the hormone shots I'm on a little bit. It was funny because he basically made it sound like any science behind them was made up and it doesn't really matter. Have to love modern medicine. "Well, it's a crap shoot... these things don't do you any harm, so we are going to give them to you and maybe they will do you some good" 

And for the super curious, we do not know the gender, and do not plan on finding out.  We are planning a birth center birth again. Umm... planning on BFing this baby and CDing both my kiddos still. 

Alright, Sawyer is up from his nap, so back to the yard I go! I hope everyone is having a great week. 

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