Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Selfish Knitting

I don't typically knit (or craft much, of that matter) for myself. But, right now, I am feeling the need to some nice, handspun, handknit mittens. And, yes, I have one almost finished, beautiful colorwork mitten... but those aren't what I want right now. I'm going to knit the spun sugar mittens (Rav link) out of some handspun that was gifted to me in a swap when I was pregnant. I knew when I received the skein in the mail that I would make these mittens. So, now, a year later.... I'm going to cast them on. I feel like I have earned it after all the crafting I have been doing for Sawyer and his birthday (his sweater, his dog toy, handmade invitations, handmade photo cards, etc...).

As soon as he wakes up, I'll print out the pattern and then wait until next nap to cast on.... mittens... you will be mine.....

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Miss Julep said...

VERY nice! You deserve it!!